Important dates

and preliminary timetable


Conference Date

July 19–22, 2021
Date of decision whether conference will be on-site: May 2, 2021

Registration opens

February 1, 2021 (registration fees will be announced soon)

End of early bird registration

April 24, 2021

Submission of abstracts

Deadline for oral presentations | March 13, 2021
Deadline for poster presentations | May 15, 2021

Announcement of acceptance

Decision selection oral presentations | May 15, 2021
Decision selection poster pitch talks | June 10, 2021



Graz is awaiting you! Chocolate, wine or just simply discovering the city and its beautiful surroundings, it’s your choice.

1. Zotter Chocolate

Endless carbohydrates, theobromine and (somewhat) healthy fats

In the Zotter Chocolate Theatre visitors can observe the production live, experience how 100% organic and fair trade chocolate is made from the bean onwards and try intermediate products and the finished bars. In the "Edible Zoo" Zotter serves the visitors organic meals, directly from his own pastures and gardens.

Duration: 5h, with bus transfer
Costs: 45 Euros*

Zotter Zotter Zotter Zotter

(c) Zotter

2. Wine tasting at Schloß Seggau

A castle, gorgeous lanscapes and a 300 year old wine cellar (training for your alcohol dehydrogenase)

A tour around the styrian bishop’s castle Schloss Seggau and to the wine cellar. Loads of information about the castle and an introduction to the wine production with a wine tasting.

Duration: 4h
Costs: 45 Euros*

Seggau Seggau Seggau Seggau

(c) Schloss Seggau (Kasca, Kirchengast)

3. World cultural heritage tour

Take a break from microbial cultures and explore the cultural heritage of Graz

A tour around the historic city centre of Graz and to the magnificent Eggenberg Palace with information about the world cultural heritage.

Duration: 4h
Costs: 20 Euros*

Graz Graz Graz Graz

(c) Pixabay

4. Electric bus tour

The quick and green city tour for green (bio-)chemists

Hop on the electric panorama bus electric panorama bus and join for a tour around the city including the most important sights with plenty of information about them.

Duration: 40min
Costs: 8 Euros*

Graz Graz Graz Graz

(c) Pixabay

*The aforementioned fees exclude any possible taxes and duties.