Special Collection

ChemBioChem & ChemCatChem



To celebrate and highlight Biotrans2021, we are organizing a special collection in collaboration with ChemBioChem and ChemCatChem and would be delighted if you could contribute (submission deadline is December 31, 2021). We welcome contributions of all types, but the submission of your next high-impact research article is particularly encouraged. Review-type articles are also very welcome; for the latter please contact the editorial office at ChemBioChem or ChemCatChem with a rough outline of the proposed topic. To assist us in our planning, please let us know if you are interested in contributing to this special collection. Please submit your contribution from now until the submission deadline, indicating in your cover letter that the manuscript is being submitted in response to this invitation.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
Mélanie, Silvia, Karl, and Wolfgang (guest editors)


Full details of our requirements for all contribution types and instructions for manuscript preparation and submission can be found on the journal homepage. Please note that manuscripts intended for the special collection will be subject to the same high level of peer-review scrutiny as applied to all material submitted to ChemBioChem and ChemCatChem.